Ward Research

Focus Groups / In-Depth Research

Focus groups and in-depth research are used when questions and discussion need to stay open-ended in order to account for unanticipated areas of discussion. This includes one-on-one interviews, mini-groups, dyads, triads, and focus groups.

Often called “qualitative” research, this type of research is used when conversation and probing questions are necessary to truly understand the topic or problem at hand.

Not only does Ward Research have one of the top focus group moderators in the state, but also one of the largest and most comfortable focus group facilities in Downtown Honolulu.

Ward Research also offers Focus Vision web streaming so that your entire team can participate in the research without the large expense of traveling to Hawaii.

Rebecca Ward has been moderating focus groups since 1979, both in Hawaii and on the U.S. Mainland. She is recognized as one of the top focus group moderators in the state of Hawaii, using a conversational style of moderating to build a safe and comfortable discussion environment.

Topics have ranged from assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the child welfare system in Hawaii to understanding perceptions of retail shopping destinations among consumers; from focus groups among owners in upscale resort residential communities to business decision-makers in telecommunications, human resources, and energy management; and from discussions of political candidates to issues such as Native Hawaiian governance and gasoline price controls.

To obtain a proposal or, if you need help understanding what kind of research you need, please contact us.