Call Center

Ward Research manages 12 CATI stations in its Downtown Honolulu office. The call center is located on the same floor as the main office – allowing for hands-on monitoring and management of all telephone interviewers.

We know that getting a call during dinner or during a favorite television show doesn’t exactly make people gleam. So we try to make the process as favorable as possible.

• We Use Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Software

This allows for complex questionnaires and complex quota management to be implemented. This keeps the survey flow smooth and complex skips undetectable by the respondent. It also allows our interviewers to concentrate on the question at hand, and not what they should be asking next.

• We Identify Ourselves On Caller ID

This instills trust in the respondent and gives them the opportunity to contact us if they have any questions or concerns.

• We Do Not Use Predictive Dialers

These are common in the market research and sales industry. These programs use a computer to call every number first to weed out those that are disconnected or not working. While these dialers can save a company money by reducing the number of calls made, they are annoying to people because the person answering thinks they are getting a prank call.

• And, Last But Certainly Not Least -- All Of Our Telephone Interviewers Are Employees

Our interviewers are a permanent part of Ward Research, not just temporary staff hired for one week or one project. Our interviewers are trained specifically in market research surveys, which is very different from telemarketing and other phone-related work. Many of our interviewers have been working for Ward Research for over 10 years. Not only are they extremely experienced in market research, but they know how to handle issues or questions that may arise during phone interviews.

If you are contemplating a telephone survey, please contact us for a proposal.